“I am determined to change the lives of the people of our incredible seven towns, for the better.”

Leader’s Notes

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Dec 19 2023

Dec 19 2023

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About me

As the Leader of the Council at the London Borough of Ealing since 2021, alongside a committed team of Labour Party activists, I am determined to change the lives of the people of our incredible seven towns, for the better.

Our priorities are the ones that our neighbours keep on telling us are theirs: bringing well-paid jobs back to our borough after the economic shocks caused by the pandemic; building the genuinely affordable homes our residents need to have a safe and secure roof over their heads in the face of London’s broken housing market; fighting the inequalities that hold too many of our young people back from achieving their potential, equipping them with a great education for a long, happy and healthy life full of pride, purpose and identity.

We’re doing all of this and more with energy and a sense of urgency and hope. Our residents cannot wait for their neighbourhoods to improve, and their families’ chances to get better. I know that in a cost-of-living crisis and amidst the chaos the Tory government is inflicting on the country, this task has never been more important.

My Priorities for Our Borough

We are working urgently and with the hope of achieving these goals, recognising that our residents cannot wait for their neighbourhoods to improve. Especially during the cost-of-living crisis and the chaos caused by the Tory government, these goals are crucial.

Ealing’s seven thriving towns each have a sense of place and identity. Jobs are at the heart of his strategy for growth, with pledges to secure 10,000 new jobs, 2,000 new apprenticeships, and £1m+ seed funding to support our high streets.

Under Peter’s watch construction on over 4,000 new genuinely affordable homes has begun in Ealing. A developer tax securing £12m+ per year for public services like education and health, with at least £2m per year put into the hands of communities to spend themselves. 

Peter campaigned hard to save Ealing Hospital from closure, and is pressing to ensure the NHS is fit for the future, delivering the real living wage for all homecare workers, and investing £20m in home adaptations to help people stay in their own homes for longer. 

Bringing waste services back under the direct control of the borough has ended the use of landfill and made Ealing a top-performing council for recycling. Under his leadership, the council is planting 50,000 new trees, rapidly expanding rain gardens and pocket parks. 

With 98% of schools good or outstanding, Ealing delivers some of London’s best educational outcomes. He is ensuring schools are fit for the future, with £19m invested since becoming leader, and 70+ new places secured for young people with special educational needs. 

Under his leadership, Peter has ensured huge and closely targeted investment in tackling crime and antisocial behaviour, with £13m committed for rapid expansion of CCTV and street lighting, plus £15m invested on services to reduce drug, alcohol and substance abuse. 

10 new parks are planned across the borough, including a Regional Park for West London, with £2m invested in new/renewed playgrounds, more sports pitches, as well as securing the future of a new Ealing Sports Centre at Gurnell, and a new Lido for Ealing. 

Crossrail and HS2 are making Ealing one of London’s best-connected places. Peter is pushing hard to protect bus routes and better connect our communities. £10m active travel investment means delivering at least 150 new bike hangars and £3m to support Lets Go Southall alone. 

Structural inequality and racism hold back too many residents from reaching their ambitions. A new Citizens Tribunal will hold the council, police and other public bodies accountable. £2m is being invested in reducing male violence against women and girls and youth violence reduction. 

Working hard across Ealing

Over the last few years, we have been working hard to deliver a better borough for all. As Leader of the Council since 2021, alongside a committed team of Labour activists, I have been determined to change the lives of the people of our incredible seven towns, for the better.